The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 09/16/1864.
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Camp Pawnee, Kansas, Sept. 16th, 1864.

My Dear Wife:

... Yesterday I received two letters from you dated the 29th and 21st ult. I had before received one of the later date and answered the same three days since. My health continues quite good, although I am thin in flesh to what I was when at home... I can not express to you how glad I was to receive your kind and affectionate letters of last month. In them you inform me of many things that I was glad to hear about. I think you were very fortunate in getting you hay. I am truly glad you had so good luck in getting it up in so good order. I am happily disappointed in your young cow being gentle and good....

I keep my mare yet. She is as fat as a seal. Her back is yet sore. I can sell her at any time for $150, or perhaps more... I do not Propose to sell her till after Presidential election, and I hope not then; for I want to fetch her home that you may see the best animal that you ever laid your eyes on. I am doing duty now with a rather poor Government horse.....

The cavalry that you heard was so badly cut up is all safe, or was a few days since. We had a laughable time here last evening for the young men. There cam a fiddler to our camp and the boys proposed t have a dance, and for want of ladies, had to dance with one another, and they proposed that those that acted the lady should take off their breeshes so one could be distinguished from the other. Accordingly they began to doff their pants. Some had drawers and some had not, and those who were destitute of drawers had uncommon short skirts to their undergarment -- and such a ludicrous and boisterous set I have never before seen at a dance. I did not participate. Oh Dear -- Well, if we had no fun amongst us I fear we would all die of ennui.

I, together with two others, have sent to St. Louis for the Mo. Republican, a Democratic paper and a warm supporter of McLellan, for the period of 3 months -- down by the bridge -- that is, we propose to take the paper 3 months. It is a very excellent newspaper. I shall send you some of them if I can. We have not received any yet, but I expect them soon.

Enclosed, I send you $5.00 and shall continue to do so in each letter for some time... Kiss the children for me and tell them to be good.

I am your loving Husband

C. N. Mumford