Miter Saw Laceration

Here are some pictures that clearly demostrate why you should let a rotary saw blade come to a complete stop before getting your fingers any damn where near it. Click on the thumbnail (ha ha! get it?) images for bigger versions, if you dare. The accident occurred on 18 March 2004.

I had been making a series of cuts all the same length, and got sloppy. On the ninth of eleven pieces all the same length, I went to knock the piece I didn't need away using the piece I did want. Unfortunately I hadn't elevated the blade sufficiently nor waited for the blade to stop turning. This is the piece of wood I was holding (now in place).

The ER doctor said I messed up an artery pretty well, and nicked (but not severed) a tendon. My orthopedic surgeon can't tell if I cut it more than 50% of the way through. If so, there's a good chance it will snap during physical therapy. WHEE!

Regardless, it appears that I didn't sever the nerves (always a good thing), and I'm hopeful for a reasonably full recovery.

With Stitches -- 23 March 2004

Stiches removed -- 31 March 2004

5 April 2004, Flaking of the epidermal layer

A large chunk of the dead epidermal layer flaked off in the shower this morning, revealing this. I find it curiously disgusting.

10 April 2004, Maximum flexibility

This is about as far as I can currently bend the finger. The physical therapist has given me some excercises to perform throughout the day.