I play guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, keyboards, harmonica, and sing with varying degrees of acceptability. Occasionally I record things and dump them here. If you enjoy anything, I'd like to hear from you.

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Release Date Songs Excuses
2020-01-02 MP3: goosey.mp3
Audacity: goosey v2-mix.tgz
Recorded between 2019-12-26 and 2020-01-01. Goose Island makes some really good beer. this riff wouldn't leave my head. It's a technical challenge for me because the riff starts on beat 2 of the bar and ends on beat 1 of the next bar, and the note of the riff calls in the bar's new chord. When I started I had no idea where the chords were going, or what the feeling would be, so the audacity track has lots of experiments which are likely to remain no further explored.
2020-01-02 MP3: HHNH.mp3
Audacity: HHNH-mix.tgz
Recorded in 2017. Riff wouldn't leave my head. Coworker suggested the bridge.
2020-01-02 MP3: dropped.mp3
Audacity: dropped v2-mix.tgz
Recorded in.. I don't know... 2016? 2017? 2018? Been playing with drop-D tuning.
2013.04.14 MP3: A Model.mp3
Audacity: A Model.tgz
Recorded in the minivan downtown. Used DAW for recording and Audacity for mix and effects. Six guitar tracks: basic rhythym, bass (pitch-shifted down an octave), lead one (left side) lead two (right side), backing rhythym (left side), backing rhythym (right side).
2013.01.13 Mourgil.mp3 Recoded on the front porch while roasting coffee. Used DAW for recording and Audacity for mix and effects. Two guitar tracks: rhythym and lead. I doubled the lead track and put the raw track on the right channel. The left channel's copy of the lead guitar has compression, phase shifting, and a tight echo.
2012.02.22 Eastern.mp3 Recoded on my phone in the kitchen, with my laundry going in the background. Used a different application, the DAW MultiTrack. It can handle up to 8 tracks. This song has five: four guitars and a mandolin. It's my experiment with a different scale. My timing is still as tight as an anorexic in a muumuu.
2011.09.24 Jigger.mp3 Recorded on my phone on the front porch. Three guitars. It's an experiment with droning on the G chord.
2011.08.03 Contemplative.mp3 Recorded on my phone inside the house. Four guitars. I'll probably revisit this again, I think the melody played with a slide should be played on a highly distorted electric guitar with very low treble.
2011.06.11 Frenetic.mp3 Recorded on my phone inside as bedtime approached. Three guitars. Originally came up with the riff on the guitar I keep at the office. I didn't record it this way because it's very technically challenging, but the riff should be played not with a pick but with the index finger and the thumb creating slight harmonics.
2011.05.29 Chincoteague.mp3 Recorded on my phone on the front porch. Four guitars. I'd been working on a riff for a while but didn't have time to study it until we took a trip to Chincoteague, VA when my son was a baby. I was very stressed at the time, and figuring out a rhythym to go behind it was a path to relief. It's unnecessary, but I like the 3-3-2-4 of the rhythym.
2011.04.17 CAm.mp3 I recorded it well on my phone, but then my phone crashed and lost it. So I did it again quickly and poorly. It should get the point across.
2011.03.20 RoCofOTFroPor.mp3 Recorded on my phone using the "Multi Track" 4-track iPhone application, while roasting coffee on the front porch.
2008.01.28 5-30
2. 1-7-4-1
3. Bam Bam
5. Wah Too Much
Recorded after the DODGE:\1.3 tape was made (probably around 1996), but still on the Tascam PortaOne. This stuff was intended to be reminders to come back to later. Maybe I will someday. Stumbled on the tape in late 2007, friend Matt LeGrow graciously digitized it.
2007.01.31 I Have No Sense of Rhythym and I Can't Count
1. Breakdown Riff
2. Sobriety
3. Good Enough
4. Change It
5. Cough Syrup
6. Sympathy for the Devil
7. Long Black Veil
8. House of the Rising Sun
9. Double Vision
10. Runnin
11. Baba O'Riley
12. Love in Vain
13. Hey Hey What Can I Do
14. Down, Down, Down
Recorded in January 2007 by Tim Otis at his kick-ass home studio. I'd spent the last number of years playing slide and taking songs I'd known and converted to lullabies, this was intended to be a snapshot of that period.
1995.01.01 DODGE:\1.3
1. Ante Up
2. Submission
3. While She Sleeps
4. Missing Sarah
5. Am I Falling
6. A Musician Moves In (There Goes The Neighborhood)
7. Please Don't Go Now
8. Don't Leave Me
9. Brillian Quote / It's All Lost In Chinatown
Recorded on a Tascam PortaOne in Chicago, DC, and Virginia. Graciously digitized by friend Matt LeGrow. Guitar and vocals on track 9 by Luke Carroll.